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The Guides

Fermí and Joaquim are mountain guides, founders and a big part of the team of Barcelona Hiking Guides. Four years ago, when we started our activity we decided to name it: “Trescant”, a Catalan verb that means something like: “walking happily … with energy through the mountain …” A brand that defines our passion for the mountain.

Currently we have decided to change it to “Barcelona Hiking Guides”, because it is a brand that explains our activity very well.

Mountain is our passion and our life has always revolved around it. First as a hobby that helped us rest on the weekends of our professions in the automotive and construction sector. Later as a volunteer work for different groups or entities of Catalonia that needed to organize hikes and trekkings to the mountain. And in this current stage as a profession that allows us to accompany those people who come for a few days to Barcelona on vacation and are fans or lovers of walking in the mountains.
Together, we will share adventures with all those who come to walk or hike in our region. Adventures cannot be programmed, they happen spontaneously! We’ll take care of the logistics and ensure your safety, never confusing adventure with risk . The rest of the adventure will spring from each of you and from the group …